Our Environment is Not a Landfill.

Clear Waterways is a California-based grassroots organization committed to leading clean up efforts along waterways, shorelines, and urban drainage areas, promoting a sustainable future through environmentally sound actions and education. 

Upcoming events, opportunities, and resources we love.

We've got a lot going on--from focused cleanups, to the production of educational litter reducing items such as: pool nets for marinas, portable ashtray tins to reduce cigarette litter, educational signage, and to see more click here. 

Make a commitment to clean shorelines, waterways, city streets, or trails by volunteering, or donating.  Donations provide new volunteers with handmade sailcloth bags re-purposed for cleaning up our environment. See more here!



Our mission is to support clean and healthy waterways and shorelines by leading clean-up efforts in local communities, and by working to remove man-made refuse from beaches, streams, and drains in areas of urban runoff.   READ MORE >>>

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