Our Projects

  • Clean ups between the Bay Area and Port Hueneme (We use unique tools like wet and dry vacuum cleaning machines, in order to clean up micro-plastic pollution)

  • Custom made washable and reusable, medical-grade masks

  • Fire-branded tins, offered to smokers as a way to prevent cigarette litter

  • Cigarette collection buckets, with signs placed outside of areas people smoke

  • Clean up kits: Hand-made bags, made of reused sails or canvas & trash pickers

  • Pool nets for marina clean-up by tenants or staff

  • Bilingual signs by trails or beaches designed to educate, make awareness, and prevent pollution


Our mission is to support clean and healthy waterways and shorelines by leading clean-up efforts in local communities, and by working to remove man-made refuse from beaches, streams, and drains in areas of urban runoff.   READ MORE >>>

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