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Get Involved!


Thank your for visiting Clearwaterways. Here are ways that your support helps the organization reach its goals.  The following projects are how you may get involved.


  • Clean ups between the Bay Area and Los Angeles

  • We use unique tools like wet and dry vacuum cleaning machines, in order to clean up micro-plastic pollution at the streets, shores and wetlands.

  • Fire-branded tins used as pocket ashtrays, which offer smokers a way to not litter their cigarettes.

  • Cigarette collection buckets, with signs placed outside of areas people smoke, in order to prevent littering.

  • Clean up kits: Hand-made bags, & trash pickers . Offered to those who would like to clean up the environment on their own time.

  • Pool nets for marinas.  Offered to employees of the marinas, or tenants who like helping to keep their marina free of plastic debris.

  • Bilingual signs by trails or beaches designed to educate, make awareness, and prevent pollution.

  • Planting of California native plants in order to help re-establish  native plants to degraded landscapes, in order to prevent sedimentation of the waterways.

  • Removal of invasive non native weeds, which are strangling out the native plant's habitat, and reducing waterway flow.  By removing non-native weeds, the margin of the native plant are able to grow and flourish.

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