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For us, every day

is Earth Day.

Clear Waterways is a California-based grassroots organization committed to leading clean up efforts in local communities, working towards habitat restoration, and promoting a sustainable future through environmentally sound actions and education. 


Our primary mission is to remove toxic, man-made refuse from beaches, streams, and drains in outfall areas of urban runoff.  We work to restore the visual appearance of our waterways and remediate toxic chemical effluents resulting from the breakdown of plastic and treated materials. We investigate sources of pollution, make suggestions on how to reduce certain types of pollution, and promote a greater responsibility regarding the disposal of refuse and choice of packaging.  


We also strive to educate and instill a passion for preservation, with efforts ranging from providing education to promoting advocacy and community partnerships, galvanizing volunteers who help to clean up local beaches, streams and drainage areas in urban or rural areas.  For us, every day is Earth Day.

Clear Waterways was founded by longtime Santa Barbara resident Tim Kirshtner, who has worked tirelessly to protect the beauty of the central coast for over 34 years. 

Clear Waterways has been a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit since 2014. We are sustained solely through the generous support of people like you who care deeply about the long-term impact of pollution in our waterways and drainage environments. Please consider donating to support our continued work.

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